Mothers of track

Biography     Discography

Looking at the cover-photo on the first Mothers Of Track single “Motorcycle Rock”, issued in 1976, it’s clear what music to expect. This four-piece may well originated from the Antwerp area and played boogie-hardrock very similar to hitmakers Status Quo.

Three more singles followed the next years before record company Monopole decided it was time for a full album. “Electra Glide” came out in 1979 and it opens with the Yesterday And Today-classic “25 Hours A Day”; a fine indication of what’s to come.

There’s also the sixties-standard “It’s All Over Now” on it, but most remarkable composition is their own “I Got No Hope”.

The line-up may have varied but in 1979 the Mothers Of Track were:      
Kris J. Dominique (on guitar and backing vocals)
Luky Lusente (on bass and backing vocals)
Leon Kriek (on drums)
Pol Van Camp (on guitar and lead vocals)

Eventually, Van Camp and Kriek decided to call it a day at some point in 1980, but regrouped (with a new bassist) under the new identity of Killer with the intention to play “real heavy metal”.


7″ Motorcycle Rock / Storm In A Teacup (Monopole S.476 — 1976)


7″ When You Get Older / Love Me When IÆm Down (Monopole S.520 — 1977)

7″ Up And Down / Searching (Monopole S.586 — 1977)

7″ Wild / LetÆs Go (Twinkle DH20577-303 — 1978)

Lp ELECTRA GLIDE (Monopole MLP 0255/900 — 1979)
-25 Hours A Day
-Can Buy Myself
-ItÆs All Over Now
-I Got No Hope
-Love My Dog
-I Like It
-I Fell In Love With My Sister