Hello & welcome to this recourse of Belgian heavy music.
This isn’t the information I always wanted to write; this is the information I simply wanted to find myself (either in books or on the net).
Of course this list is subjective; maybe you will be surprised to see certain bands featured here. So please know, I don’t mind about criteria used by nowadays rock-press. Especially in the early days there weren’t that much “categories” and bands were “part of the scene” as long as they threw some guitar in!
I am not pretending to know it all; I tried to be as complete and accurate as possible, but I’m sure you will find some corrections, omissions and/or additional information.
Please let me know! I’d like to know if you played in a band yourself, know someone who did, were in any way active in the past rock scene, or maybe you simply have some souvenirs (pictures/recordings) you like to share.
My aim with this site isn’t just a nostalgic trip through the past. I want this to be a tribute to all those who played heavy music in Belgium the past 35 years. Being in a band wasn’t (isn’t?) mostly an easy thing to do over here. Those who managed to release something on vinyl had often made a lot of sacrifices to chase/reach that goal. But not only musicians deserve tribute; all others who were supportive in any way to their native bands.(Especially the so-called “fan-magazines” from the eighties; they showed what chauvinism was about)
Thanks for visiting!