CPT Bismarck

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Brussels quintet Bismarck had their first vinyl exposure released in 1970. “Shotgun Express” was a powerful effort that set their name as “Brussels Blue Cheer”. The b-side was a more radio-friendly Chuck Berry song: “Browneyed Handsome Man”. This record was also released in a few country’s around Europe.

Their search for radio/jukebox-airplay was continued on the following two singles; “Tell Me Why” even was a ballad with flute on it.

Their live outings were much more impressive, so they were asked to play the big Bilzen rock & jazz festival in august 1970. (along with Black Sabbath and The Kinks).
Another big one, the “Ghent festival” on November 28,1970 also had Bismarck on the bill (with Stray headlining).

In 1971 the band had dispensed with their original moniker, adding “Cpt” to it, to avoid confusion with another Bismarck (probably the Dutch band who released the “drive on driver / travelin’ man” single).


7” Shotgun Express / Browneyed Handsome Man (palette/raza PB27.061 — 1970)


7” Shotgun Express / Browneyed Handsome Man (palette 2021002 — 1970) -germany-

7” Shotgun Express / Browneyed Handsome Man (belter 07.873 — 1970) -spain-

7” Let The Good Times Roll / Hold Me (discostar DST 2041 — 1970)

7” WalkinÆ In The Park / Tell Me Why (CBS 7504 — 1971)

Cd Cosmarama (Psychic Circle PCCD7024 — 2009)
– Shotgun Express