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Blast was a power-trio from the south of Belgium. There was Mick Jacobs on drums, Tony Colonius on guitar, and finally Antonio Cucchiara on bass and vocals.
Their only single (on Majestic records) was released in 1974 and is certainly one of the rarest and most expensive Belgian records. The front cover who shows some sort of scary head, fits the music perfectly.
Both songs written by Antonio, “Damned Flame” and “Hope, are exciting guitar-dominated rock tunes. This must be the wildest and fastest recording of a Belgium band up-to then. A pounding bass line, the sound of drums, followed by the heavy guitar makes this a true explosive recording. Antonio’s singing was nothing special but goes along well with the heavy punk-rock sound like for instance The Stooges or Pink Fairies.
This recording was produced by Michel Chevalier, who also did the first Vacation album. A real pity he turned the sound down right in the middle of the second guitar solo on “Hope”…
Blast would probably have been way too heavy for any Belgian club around that time. Can anyone who witnessed them live, still testify this amount of power…?


7” Damned Flame / Hope (Majestic MAJ.1024 — 1974)