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7" Mademoiselle / The Place Where She Lives (Micro --- 1966) THE FOUR ROCKETS

7" Time To Get Away / IÆm Singing (BASF 06 19667-9 --- 1975) as FEOS

Lp Raarlst (JB Production 07612-201 --- 1976) as DE SOEF
- Amber

7" Dance RockÆn Roll(medleys) / Ride On (Philips 6021 --- 1977) as ROCK TRAIN

Cd UNDER A BELGIAN MOON (Cobra CR 78 --- 1991)
-Under A Belgian Moon
-My Town
-TheyÆre Our Neighbours
-We All Must Get Together
-Little Girls
-Look On The Bright Side
-Barricades Of Love
-Down On Shortnewstreet
-My Flemish Garden
-Acid RainÆs Re Gonna Fall

7" Look On The Bright Side / Barricades Of Love (Cobra CR 81 --- 1991)

Cd LITTLE MAN (Cobra CR 92103 --- 1992)
-Think IÆve Got Everything
-ItÆs Allright
-Carnival Town
-Little Man
-One By One
-Woman DonÆt Cry
-Little Alison
-Tears On My Pillow
-Fool To Love
-Show Me The Way

7" Little Man / ItÆs Allright (Cobra CR 92104 --- 1992)

Cd IN MY ROOM (Granota 0710 --- 1994)
-Broken Heart
-Gimme Some LovinÆ
-I Got Love
-Little Town Girl
-Show Me
-Need You
-Mister Taxman
-The Right Way
-Highway To The Moon
-Suburban Road
-Walk Into My Room
-Wait For the Sun

Cds Little Town Girl (Granota 0710-10 --- 1995)

Cd STOP DE ARMOEDE (Coco 01 --- 1995)
-DonÆt Deceive Me

Cd BEEN AWAY TOO LONG (HKM 42007 --- 1996)
-Gimme A Reason
-Black Cat
-Baby Come On
-Been Away Too Long
-Ten Good Reasons
-Wish You Were Here
-Just Enough Rope
-Close To You
-Another Woman
-December Sky

Cds Baby Come On / Wish You Were Here (HKM 42009 --- 1996)

Cd ROLLING THROUGH THE NIGHT (Toe 980602 --- 1998) with F.Du Mongh
-Seven Burning Candles
-Missing You
-Wonder How I Ever Get Out Of Here
-The Day Your Eyes Met Mine
-Rolling Through The Night
-Looking For Love
-Silene In The House
-The Old Man Said
-Second Chance
-Gimme Some Room
-Dreaming Dreams
-Love Life

Cd PINK TO TOE (Toe --- 1998)with F.Du Mongh
-Dreaming Dreams
-Missing You

Cd DIAMOND COLLECTION (HKM 42935 --- 2004)
-Broken Heart
-I Got Love
-Little Town Girl
-Need You
-Mister Taxman
-The Right Way
-Highway To The moon
-Suburban Road
-Gimme A Reason
-Black Cat
-Baby Come On
-Ten Good Reasons
-Close To You
-Another Woman

Cd TIME (Blue Gems 5411499 40052 --- 2005)
-Think Again
-One Of These Days
-There AinÆt No Road Too Long
-Let Me Tell You Something
-Made Up My Mind
-Mean Woman
-Hope ThereÆs Time Left
-I Had a Friend

Cd CLONE VERSION 0.1 (PMP --- 2005) with Kloot Per W
-Fear Is A Manís Best Friend

Cd IMAGINE NO JOHN LENNON (Griffel 001 --- 2006) with Fred Angst
-Instant Karma

-Stick To Your Music
-Where Have You been Last Night
-Everybody Says
-Doesnít Bother Me
-I Want Your Love Right Here
-Under A Moonlit Sky
-For You
-You Have Made Me Feel So Happy Again
-Keep Your Head Cool
-Dancing On His Tomb
-Music Maker
-Like Kerouac