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Looking at the cover-photo on the first Mothers Of Track single “Motorcycle Rock”, issued in 1976, it’s clear what music to expect. This four-piece may well originated from the Antwerp area and played boogie-hardrock very similar to hitmakers Status Quo.
Three more singles followed the next years before record company Monopole decided it was time for a full album. “Electra Glide” came out in 1979 and it opens with the Yesterday And Today-classic “25 Hours A Day”; a fine indication of what’s to come.1978
leon 1979There’s also the sixties-standard “It’s All Over Now” on it, but most remarkable composition is their own “I Got No Hope”.
The line-up may have varied but in 1979 the Mothers Of Track were:
      Kris J. Dominique (on guitar and backing vocals)
      Luky Lusente (on bass and backing vocals)
      Leon Kriek (on drums)
      Pol Van Camp (on guitar and lead vocals)
kris 1979luky 1979kris j 1979pol 1979
Eventually, Van Camp and Kriek decided to call it a day at some point in 1980, but regrouped (with a new bassist) under the new identity of Killer with the intention to play “real heavy metal”.
pol 1979      pol 1979