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1974 muziek expres
This band called Fetisj are certainly something of a mystery.
The first line up was:
Eric De Bleser (bass)
Eric De Weerdt (lead guitar)
Raimond Dufosset (rhythm guitar)
Patrick De Weerdt (drums)
Leo De Block (vocals)
Their single was released in 1974 and “please give me more” on the A-side is an uptempo (glam-)rocker in the vain of Sweet and Slade. Flipside “can’t get love” sounds more like Uriah Heep, thanks to the great backing vocals.
Whoever they were, Fetisj presumably failed to make much of an impression at the time, although the record was produced by well known Kleptomania manager Wilfried Brits.
fetisj 1976 eddy baeyens
Their second output was released two years later, but that one showed they changed style completely to disco.
ic affiche
Eric De Bleser