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Cd LIVE ROCKABILLY (Promo --- 1999)
-Race With The Devil
-DonÆt Bug Me Babe
-Babe, LetÆs Play House
-Rock Billy Boogie
-Peg æO My Heart
-Baby Blue
-Blue Jean Bop
-Build For Speed
-Midnight Train
-Trying To Get To You
-Shaking All Over
-Hidden Charms

Cd ROCK BILLY BOOGIE! (Bluesgems 658607 40012 --- 2000)
-Sweet Love On My mind
-Honey DonÆt
-My Baby Left Me
-DonÆt Bug Me Baby
-Rock Therapy
-Red Blue Jeans And A Ponytale
-Hidden Charms
-Rock Billy Boogie
-Baby Blue
-Pennies From Heaven
-Crazy Legs
-Midnight Train
-My BabyÆs Dynamite
-Sabre Surf
-Juke Joint Jumping

Cd Looking Like Elvis / Cadillac Rock (Bluesgems 658607 44002 --- 2002)

Cd SHAKE IT (Bluesgems 5411499 40032 --- 2003)
-Cadillac Rock
-Gimme That Boogie
-My Rockabilly Baby
-Feel So Lonely
-Going Out Tonight
-Shake It Baby
-Mexicano Sun
-My Favorite Things
-Black Slacks
-This Old Love
-Looking Like Elvis
-JumpinÆ The Night Away
-Crazy Man Crazy
-The Task

Cd BOP! (BoppinÆ Around --- 2004) -compilation-
-Cadillac Rock